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Whether you need to Buy, Sell, or Manage a Tenant we have a solution for all of your Real Estate Needs!

About Us:

As a Real Estate Professional I make you, the client, my #1 priority. Our first meeting will be dedicated to understanding your  needs and long term goals. Every Real Estate Transaction you will be presented with the different options you have available and how each option impacts your long term goals.When you make your decision you will have made an informed decision and feel confident on how to proceed.


Whether you decide to buy, sell, or rent your home you will have made an informed decision and will be confident that you’re moving a step closer to your goals!

Our Services:

We provide our clients with a number of services that help them achieve their goals. From Buying to Property Management we have a solution for every one of your Real Estate needs! Learn about the different services we offer and see how we can help you achieve your goals.


Our service is designed for the home buyer who needs an honest professional committed to helping them find their home. Your interests will be our sole focus as we provide a caring, accommodating and efficient approach towards locating and acquiring your home. Our team of professionals will be by your side throughout the entire sales and escrow process ensuring that your interests are always protected.

  • Consultation to identify your housing needs and goals

  • Assessment by a lender to determine the home you can afford

  • Evaluation of the housing market to find an affordable home that meets your needs

  • Conscientious management of your escrow to protect your interest and deposit


Our service is for the owner who needs a professional to diligently work on a marketing plan that leads to the successful sell of their home. With each of our clients we identify opportunities to increase the marketability of their home and implement our proven marketing plan to get your home sold!

  • Comprehensive market analysis of your home and comparable neighborhoods

  • Proven 5 part marketing process to expose your property and get it sold

  • Detailed audit of Property marketability including free advice on staging your home

  • Conscientious and care-free transaction management with personal customer service


Our service is designed for the property owner who wants to manage their property but requires the assistance of a professional to lease their property. Utilizing the systems we created to find tenants for our own properties we will find a qualified tenant for your home!

  • Detailed audit of Property Marketability and Market Rent

  • Respond to inquiries and coordinate showing of property

  • Presentation of all qualified applications

  • Execution of our 8 step tenant placement process

Property Management

Our service is for the property owner who is looking to minimize their risk and increase the value of their investment. Employing systems, technology and experience developed managing our own properties it will be deployed managing your property through out the tenant life cycle. Our experience will minimize your legal risk, increase the rent of your property and increase the investment value.

  • All services provided with our Leasing Service

  • Handling of all tenant communication and issues

  • Monthly rent collection, accounting & distribution

  • Prompt notification of all emergencies about the property

Who Am I?

Having grown up in the area and as an active member of the Ventura Board of REALTORS®, David is knowledgeable with all the various neighborhoods, home developments and local amenities within the surrounding areas. As a “Full Service” Professional, David works with his clients on developing a Real Estate Plan and meeting their financial goals through Real Estate. Whatever your Real Estate need or problem David is here to help you reach your financial goals through Real Estate

When I graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Economics I wanted a career where I could build meaningful relationships with my clients and serve as their advisory to help them build intergenerational wealth. Having worked in my family’s Real Estate Business I saw first hand the power of Real Estate to build wealth and secure a financial future. I wanted to share my experience and knowledge in Real Estate with my clients and to advocate for their needs.
Having studied Economics I have a strong grasp on what is going on in the greater economy. I am able to communicate to my clients emerging trends in the economy and how it would impact their Real Estate investments.

To be successful in Real Estate one needs to understand the true value of their investment opportunity. That is done by looking at the opportunity in context to what is going on in the Economy and with their particular goals/needs.

As an adviser I examine each opportunity and show how the opportunity would benefit or distract from their goals.

I am driven by my curiosity to learn about the world and understand how it works. I am driven by finding solutions to difficult problems and creating a plan to resolve the issue. I am driven by building friendships with my clients and advocating for them during a transaction. I am also driven, and committed, to being worthy of my clients trust. I am a firm believer that trust is the foundation of business and I continuously work to build and maintain that trust.
When I am not working with my clients or advocating for their needs you can find me going outside to enjoy nature or curled up next to a great book! I also enjoy volunteering for different causes and learning how to become a better communicator at Toastmasters.
David was wonderful during the transaction! He helped us discover Rental Properties as a source of income. We were looking to sell our home but he suggested we refinance our loan and purchase an investment property instead.

Thanks David!

Mike L.
Having worked with a number of Real Estate Agents David was a pleasure to work with! He was responsive and properly managed the escrow. All his documents were sent to me completely and he did a thurough job with them.

I look forward to working with him on another transaction!

Constina B. (Realtor)

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